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Zen and The Art of Coaching

31 meditations on the sacred practice of changing lives through connection and conversation.

When you read this book you will ...

  • Feel more confident and stand out from the crowd. You’ll ask better questions, show up more powerfully, and learn what sets the very best coaches apart from everyone else, so you can offer impactful coaching that leads to more clients and better results.
  • Trust yourself and the power of coaching even more. As you learn to tap into the spiritual practice of coaching, you'll be inspired or reinspired by the power of coaching and feel more motivated and courageous in all of your coaching sessions.
  • Get stuck less often and get unstuck even faster. This book is a resource you can return to again and again whenever you feel stuck, unsure, and uninspired. You can pick it up and open it to any chapter and it will help banish your doubts and help you serve your clients so that they rave about your work and refer their friends with ease.
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Coming out Spring 2024

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I've hand-picked 3 chapters to give you a flavor of the book. Each chapter contains a different meditation and a practice designed to help you improve your coaching and deepen your practice so that you feel more confident and

BONUS: You'll also get updates on the book & a special pre-sale discount and a special bonus workbook designed to help you apply everything in the book when it's released in the Spring of 2024!

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What readers are saying..

“Accessible, inspiring, substantive. A great resource for staying in the headspace of being - and becoming - a masterful coach.”

Doctor of Theology, ACC, Executive Coach

"It's a beautifully written, heartfelt journey into the practice of coaching; that it's a resource to treasure. It's the product of a journey of one coach's spiritual transformation and how that relates to coaching - and it shares generously the wisdom and outcomes of that journey.”


Coach, Writing Teacher, Author

"The main takeaway from this book is that Coaching is a sacred art. Coaching is something that can only be mastered by an ongoing desire to learn. As a coach, you are likely to develop a better understanding of and appreciation for, your fellow human beings- and of yourself."

Author, Coach, Social Entreprenuer

About the Author

Toku McCree is a distinguished executive coach, teacher, speaker, and writer, celebrated for his one-of-a-kind combination of ancient wisdom and modern psychology.

His life journey weaves an extraordinary tapestry of diverse experiences, contributing to a profound understanding of human nature and personal growth.

He's supported innovative leaders and founders working on incredible projects like developing innovative hospice care and launching the world's first NFT galleries.

In addition, he's created multiple high-level trainings on coaching mastery including the Coaching Dojo and The CoachingMBA.

With a degree in philosophy from George Washington University, to eight years working in the entertainment business alongside record labels and award-winning artists, to over two years dedicated to training as a Zen monk.

Toku's multifaceted expertise fuels his approach to coaching. Today, he leverages this unique blend of academic, spiritual, and professional experiences to empower others on their paths of self-discovery and personal growth, making him a leading figure in the field.

Toku McCree

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Plus get updates from Toku, a special pre-sale discount, and a special bonus workbook designed to help you apply everything in the book when the book comes out in the Spring of 2024!

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